1 How can I get the FABISnet software?

The FABISnet software is available under the Gnu Public License (GPL) from . With the new design, the same software is used at the country, regional and global levels, except for the additions on the country level. The new FABISnet installation can be made without any software costs, because both the system software and also the FABISnet application software are released as Open Source software on GPL (General Public License), giving each country an own presence on the Web. Being an open source system, it can be tailored to country needs.

2 What does it take to create an own biodiversity web site?

  • computer hardware
  • Linux operating system
  • APIIS software
  • FABISnet application software
  • full internet connection
  • computer must be accessible from the internet

All the software is freely available without licensing costs. The computer can be a standard Intel of AMD based hardware. For faster access, multiprocessor systems are useful.

3 As a National Coordinator, where do I enter my country’s data?

If the FABISnet web site is to be operated in the FAO structure, the National Coordinator needs to decide where to enter data. In Europe this will be the European FABISnet database (currently at Data entered there will be automatically sent to FAO’s FABISnet database also known as DAD-IS.

If countries want to set up their own nationa FABISnet web site, the will enter their own data there. Again this will be automatically sent to the upper database. For Europe this will again be the EAAP database.

4 What is the relation among FABISnet database at the country, the regional and international FAO level?

As the acronym suggests FABISnet is a network of standalone database with an automatic propagation of public data to all database in the network. While the EAAP database has an English only interface, FAO’s DAD-IS is available in the four official FAO languages: English, French, Spanish and finally Arabic and Chinese. Countries on the other hand can decide to have their own national language including its character set implemented.

5 How do I get a login?

If you want to operate in the FABIS network you need to become a member with an own and unique identification. For this get in touch with the AGAP group at FAO

6 What are the requirements in terms of technical capacity to set up an own web site?

A fully fledged FABISnet installation is a multi user database interactively and dynamically driven by a WEB server. Therefore, all the requirements applying to running a Web server in general also applies here. This is stark contrast to one stand alone program like some text processing software, where only one local computer system is affected. To assess the efford required for setting up a FABISnet web site, the developers should be contacted.

7 Is FABISnet only for Europe?

No, decidedly not although it is the outcome of a Project funded by the European Union. From the outset, the design of the system has been such to accommodate all countries around the world. To this effect FABISnet is multilingual by design and should be adaptable to any language and character set world wide.